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February 2, 2015


When we first saw the number of pieces in the package it was a little daunting, however, the assembly instructions are the best we have used in a long time. Our 8 year old helped us with most of the assembly, some pieces are too heavy and/or high for him.

We truly enjoy sitting outside in this chair and it has been money well spent. The chair is very stable and comfortable we are looking forward to many years of use.


February 4, 2015


We have had our 420 swing for approximately 2 years. It has been the highlight of our summer ever since we got it. When we sit in it, we always have friends and family stop by to chat. We love the adjustable canopy. It’s nice to be able to sit in the shade of the canopy regardless of where the sun is. We also like the adjustable seats and foot rests. It gives us the choice to sit back and relax, or to sit up and entertain guests. We are thrilled with the durability of the materials that make up the swing and withstand the harsh climate changes of the Midwest. Our friends also love our swing, and just sitting in it has encouraged some of them to buy their own.


February 4, 2015


I received a bench swing as a Christmas present this past year and I wanted to say that I absolutely love the swing. I have enjoyed it, find it a great place to sit and chat with my friends, lounge in the sun or read a book under the shade of a tree. My swing is totally in the elements in Florida and it has held up tremendously well. The wood on the swing looks as new as the day I got it. The Frame is in excellent shape with no indication that it has been in all kinds of weather including hurricane weather! I love the smooth motion of the swing. It does not creak or moan like other swings that I have had in the past. The bench of the swing is very comfortable and supportive of the back. I also want to thank you for your timely manner of shipping the swing from California to Florida. The swing when it got here had all that I needed to assemble it and assembly was very easy. I have many friends who are going to buy a swing for themselves. Keep up the good work!


February 4, 2015


I bought this swing about 4 years ago (maybe 5) and we LOVE it. We didn't use our backyard much before this swing. Now we sit outside every summer evening chatting about our day with a glass of wine. Like a little vacation. It is sturdy, comfortable and peaceful. The materials stand the test of time. We saw a bit of rust and the customer service is amazing. The new part was here before I could imagine. More companies need customer service like this one. We are a combined weight of about 400lbs and we fit with plenty of room for our little one.


February 4, 2015


We purchased this swing several years ago, before it had the bracket to adjust the canopy. We've retrofitted the bracket to our model, and the result is near perfection! We relax here all the time and it's been a huge hit with our friends and neighbors when they come over to our house. I can't count the number of evenings I've come home and decompressed lazing in this swing. I often have to displace our cat, who loves to sit in it during the day, and my dog loves to lay in it with me while it gently swings. Much better than other chairs or a hammock...We've tried them all.

The only quibble I have (and why I rate this a 4 and not a 5) is the need to watch small children when they're in the back yard. Our experience is that they love to sit in the swing, but tend swarm around the chair, waiting their turn. I've had a few knocked over when the get in the swing radius. Not a deal breaker - but be aware. The "chair" itself is heavy, and no one should run in front of it when it's in motion.

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